fattymcfatbum (fattymcfatbum) wrote in morigirls,

Some ideas on mori style swimwear for the summer!

 It's difficult to have mori girl clothes on the beach because a lot of the style comes down to layering - I think that outfits can be made 'mori style' by choosing the colours carefully and adding some little extras to the clothes.

This is actually a sewing pattern and so some browns, creams - maybe even greens would look great with the ruching and the frills. I think the covering of the belly gives it the modest look of being mori while the extra details give a look of layers.

This is a swimdress from ASOS which again is modest and has ruching and ruffles which adds to the layered idea - it does have a lot of cleavage however which to some might be seen negatively.

Onto beach accessories when out of the water!

It's hot and you don't want to put lots of layers over your damp swimsuit - how about a simple dress in a maxi style or a playsuit?

This A nice flowy dress!

This feels a bit more natural kei with the gingham but I love it!

Some lovely sandals here - I don't like to wear proper shoes - sand gets in them!

And of course a lovely hat and some flowers for the hair would complete the look!

I have this hat and I love it!

Here's a rucksack to keep your sundress and notebook for writing or drawing the bay maybe?

By no means am I trying to create some RULES because I hate the idea of fashion rules - if anyone has any suggestions let me know but most of all be yourself and choose for the best style that suits you!
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