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Mori Girl Community


Mori Girls
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For fans of morigirl or natural-kei styles!

Hello and welcome to the morigirls community!

"Mori girl" (forest girl) is a fashion genre that started in Japan circa 2006 which combines natural-kei with the style of Ura-hara. This style got it's origin from a mixi community. Started by choco* after someone described her outfit as "a girl who came from the forest", the community has grown to 2,4000+ members, with more each day as mori girl is fast becoming a well-known trend due to features in television and magazines such as SPOON, FRUiTS, CUTiE and Zipper.

What does the mori girl style look like? In short, a girl who looks like she lives in the forest. Combining soft natural colours, layering, lace, and hand-made items, an aura of a girl living in the woods is the essence of a mori girl. Still don't get it? Look through our translated checklist of what being a mori girl entails linked below!

For now tags will be open, membership and posting will be unmoderated. Most entries will be member-only.

Please refrain from spam or advertising sales as they are not allowed.

Please feel free to post goods finds to purchase, links, favorite images, inspirations, or pictures of yourself!

Please have fun!

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Mixi Community (run by choco*)
Our TRANSLATION of the mori girl checklist.
Our list of LINKS.
Please post an INTRO POST and tag it with "intro" and add yourself to our mori girl map!